Вспомогательные продукты

SPIVERKOLL - collante acrilico in pasta per polistirolo, piastrelle
Acrylic adhesive in paste form suitable for polystyrene and tiles.

Application: spatula.
Dilution: ready for use.
Real yield: 0,250 - 0,400 litre/m
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DETERGENTE REOSAN sterilizing solution
This product is particularly suitable for mouldy walls.

Application: paintbrush.
Dilution: in the ratio of 1 to 10 with water.
Real yield: 70 - 80 litre/m.
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NOXIFER rust converter
This product fosters the chemical transformation of the rust itself into a tannic and iron barrier presenting an excellent anticorrosive power.

Application: paintbrush, spray.
Dilution: ready for use.
Real yield: unavailable.
LUXPLAST ACRILICO gloss acrylic glazing
Non Dyellowing glazing for plastic models and paints.

Application: paintbrush or bristle roller.
Dilution: ready for use (10% with water for the first coat).
Real yield: 7 - 10 litre/m with two coats.